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Honeywell Hazardous Limit Switch

Hazardous environments demand Honeywell. When conditions are hazardous and performance is critical, Honeywell delivers exceptional performance.

Honeywell Micro Switch

Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH switches fill many roles in customers’ applications, including presence/absence/positioning, inspection/recognition, condition measurement, and operator/machine interface. From sealed switches used in high temperature aerospace applications to large cable-pull switches ensuring safety on conveyors, Honeywell is the right switch.

Flameproof Limit Switch

For harsh and explosive environments, switch options include non-sparking actuators, captive cover screws, grounding screws and silver / gold contacts.

Pressure Sensors

Tailored to meet precise specifications for stronger performance, longer productivity, and increased safety, these pressure sensors guarantee enhanced accuracy and durability while improving output and endurance. Potential applications include medical, HVAC, data storage, industrial machinery, pumps, and robotics.

Board Mount Pressure Sensors : Full line of industrial grade sensors: media isolating design, multiple ports, electrical configuration, and outputs; ranges from 0 psi to 250 psi

Industrial Pressure Sensors : Built for the toughest applications. Our heavy duty pressure products are known industry-wide for enhanced quality, reliability and service

Honey well

Sensing & Control

A strong product portfolio and application strength in Safety, Vision, RFID, Barcode & Laser Marking enables us to be the most popular Safety, Laser Marking and Advanced Vision Solution provider in the market today. Leave all your Safety, Vision & Ident problems to us for the best solution.

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