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Kubler Incremental Encoders

Speed measurement on rotating axes with incremental encoders. Sizes from miniature to maxi available. Optical and magnetic scanning. From standard to specially certified encoders.

Kubler Absolute Encoders

Absolute Encoders Singleturn

Position detection over 360° with single turn absolute encoders. Various sizes. High resolution up to 21 bit. Variety of standard, fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces.

Absolute Encoders Multiturn

Position detection over multiple turns with multi turn encoders. Various sizes. Variety of standard, fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces. The right multiturn technology for any requirement.

Kubler Linear Measuremnet System

Linear position and speed detection using shaft copying systems, draw-wire encoders up to 42.5 m in length, magnetic length measuring systems, and custom-combinable length measuring sets / measuring wheel systems.

Kubler Inclinometer

Precise and reliable measurement of the angle of inclination in the measuring range from 0 to 360° or ±85°. Unmistakable accuracy – even in the harshest environments. Analog, CANopen, or Modbus interfaces.

Kubler Process Display & Controller

Acquisition, control and monitoring of processes or different measured values.Acquisition of standard signals with scalable displays as well as min/max storage and totalizer function.Control and monitor standard signals with scalable displays as well as min/max storage and totalizer function.

Temperature Displays : Acquisition of measured temperature values with min/max storage and display.

Temperature Controller : Control and monitor temperature readings with min/max storage and display.

Strain Gauge Control Unit (DMS) : Control and monitor pressure and weight readings as well as min/max storage and totalizer function.

Setpoint Adjuster : Output of standard signals absolute, in steps or over time programmable. 0 to 12 V DC or 0 to 24 mA.

Kubler Counters

From electro mechanical to electronic meters for different measured values. Capture, control and evaluate.

Pulse Counters : Acquisition of unit counts, quantities, and events. Electromechanical, electronic and pneumatic pulse counters.

Preset Counters : Conveniently control pulses, times, and speeds. Electromechanical and electronic preset counters.

Hour Meters / Timers : Acquisition of short-term measurements, run times, and service intervals. Electromechanical and electronic counters.

Time Preset Counters : Conveniently control pulses, times, and speeds. Electromechanical and electronic time preset counters.

Multifunction Devices : Conveniently display and control pulses, times, and speeds. Electromechanical and electronic counters.

Energy Time Counter : Parallel acquisition of energy and time, for example for leased equipment.MID-certified.

Kubler Slipring

Transmission of electrical currents, signals, data, fieldbus, and Ethernet as well as liquids and gasses. Contacting or contactless transmission. From standard to customized solutions.

Kubler Shaft Copying System

Absolute positioning of the elevator car with linear shaft copying system. Sensor technology ranging from simple sensors up to certified sensor technology and even SIL3. Meets safety requirements according to EN 81-20/21/50.


Incremental encoders

The encoders Sendix Base KIS50 / KIH50 offer a protection level up to IP65 and can be used with temperatures from -20°C up to +70°C. They are ideal for use in standard applications and in simple machines.

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Motor feedback Systems

With requirements from industry and many years of experience in drive technology, Kübler presents its new product family of motor feedback systems. Kübler has developed its new motor feedback systems.

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Bearingless Encoders

Bearingless encoders are the perfect alternative to bearing mounted encoders, due to their compact design and easy mounting options on almost any shaft diameter.  Design your plants, machines, or motors with Kübler!

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Linear Measuring Systems

With a linear magnetic measuring system, the sensor system, also called scanning head or sensor, is guided contactlessly over a coded magnetic tape. You can choose between incremental and absolute sensors.

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Shaft Copying Systems

The contactless absolute measuring system for shaft copying – also called shaft information or positioning system – has an extremely compact, very robust design. This enables elevator and safety functions

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Signal Converters

Signal converters convert the format of the input signals into the desired output format. In addition to the pure conversion of signals, signal converters also offer the possibility of filtering or linearizing signals. 

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Slip Rings

In general slip rings are used to transmit power, signals or data from a stationary to a rotating platform. The SR060E is a compact, economical slip ring for up to 3 power and 2 signal transmissions.

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Cables and Connectors

The right connection technology for every application. Cables and connectors. Field-wireable – prefabricated – unassembled. M12, M23, MIL, SUB-D, RJ45.

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Inclino Meters

Kübler inclinometers can be used for any conceivable application. Their robust housing, high degree of protection and wide temperature range contribute to reliable and long-lasting operation

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Displays and Counters

Discover the world of displays and counters. We have been developing and manufacturing counting technology for the whole world for over 60 years. In addition to the high quality of our products.

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Process Devices

Discover the variety of electronic process devices from Kübler. These are used reliably worldwide in various applications for the acquisition and control of standard signals, measured temperature values.

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Safe Speed Monitors

The compact base module of the Safety-M compact series is a complete speed monitor in the smallest possible space (50 mm wide). The detachable operating and diagnostic display (OLED).

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