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Omron Sensors

Fiber Sensors : With these Separate-amplifier Sensors, the light from the Amplifier is transmitted through a fiber to enable detection in narrow places, other locations with limited access.

Displacement Sensors / Measurement Sensors : These Sensors can be used to measure distances and heights. A wide variety of models is available, including Laser Sensors, LED Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Contact Sensors, Eddy Current Sensors, and more.

Ultrasonic Sensors : Ultrasonic waves are used to enable stable detection of transparent objects, such as transparent films, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and plate glass, using Through-beam or Reflective Sensors.

Pressure Sensors / Flow Sensors : Pressure Sensors detect the pressure of liquids and gasses, and Flow Sensors detect the flow rate of liquids.

Contact Sensors / Liquid Leakage Sensors : Contact Sensors which detect objects by physically contacting them and Liquid Leakage Sensors which detect liquid leaks.

Omron Proximity E2B S08KS02 MC C1 Sensor

TL-W5MC1,SD; 5MM, DC-3WIRE, 12-24VDC, PNP-NO, unshielded proximity omron inductive sensor

Omron Switches

Level Switches : These devices equip electrodes to detect liquid levels. They have been widely used in water works and sewers for buildings and housing complexes, industrial facilities and equipment, water treatment plants and sewage treatment facilities, and many other applications.

Basic Switches : Basic Switches have a micro contact gap and operate at the specified movement and force using a snap-action mechanism. They are available in models with split contacts, maintained operation, drip-proof specifications, high capacity, and DC current specifications.

Limit Switches : Limit switches are basic switches that have been encased to protect them from external forces, water, oil, and dirt. Many models are available, such as those resistant to head, cold, or corrosion, as well as high-precision models.

Push Buttons / Indicator Lamps : Push Button Switches are manually operated switches that are available in many different types: Switches with round or square bodies for mounting in round or square holes, lighted and non-lighted Switches, Indicators, Selector Switches, and more.

Omron Safety Components

Safety Light Curtains / Safety Multi-Light Beams / Single-beam Safety Sensors : Safety Sensors detect workers entering hazardous areas and stop machines.

Safety Laser Scanners : Laser Scanners detect the presence of workers in the machine’s hazardous areas.

Emergency Stop Switches : These switches are used to stop equipment and facilities in emergencies. They can be used in safety circuits in combination with Safety Relay Units.

Safety Controllers : Safety Relays are used to build safety circuits for equipment and facilities. Safety Relays have a forced guided mechanism that enables detecting contact welding.

Omron Relays

General Purpose Relays : OMRON provides General-purpose Relays, I/O Relays, Power Relays, Latching Relays, and Ratchet Relays.

Safety Relays : Safety Relays are used to build safety circuits for equipment and facilities. Safety Relays have a forced guided mechanism that enables detecting contact welding.

Terminal Relays : OMRON’s Terminal Relay Series contributes to saving space in control panels. They are ideal for output interfaces.

I/O Relay Terminals : I/O Relay Terminals simplify connecting PLCs and other Controllers and help reduce wiring in control panels. Achieve wiring with one Connecting Cable. Terminals are available for both inputs and outputs.

Solid-state Relays : No-contact relays that semiconductor is utilized, which enables high-speed and high-frequency operation. OMRON provides Solid-state Relay for an enormous range of applications.

Omron Control Components

Temperature Controllers : These Controllers receive sensor signals and control heaters or other devices to maintain a preset temperature. They can also be used for humidity, pressure, and flow rate control. OMRON also provides temperature and humidity sensors.

Timers : OMRON provides a range of Analog Timers and Digital Timers, as well as Time Switches for 24-hour, weekly, or annual time control.

Counters : OMRON provides Preset Counters, Totalizing Counters, Time Counters and Electromagnetic Counters.

Cam Positioners : Cam Positioners detect angles of rotation by means of absolute encoders and give output signals according to the preset ON and OFF angles (Cam program).

Digital Panel Indicator : Digital Panel Meters perform digital processing on or conversion and display of voltages, currents, other analog signals, and pulse signals. They can also compare input values to set values, transfer data, and perform other functions.

Omron Automation Systems

Industrial PC platform : The Industrial PC Platform is an integrated range of products designed for use in a variety of industrial applications that will benefit from advanced PC technology.

Multi Axis Controller : Powerful and flexible products for multi-axis control

Programmable Controllers : Programmable Logic Controllers, along with easy-to-use Support Software, are available to flexibly handle applications from small-scale equipment to entire production lines with Programmable Logic Controllers such as those in the CJ1, CS1 and other series.

Software : Support Software are integrated tools which help accomplish tasks from programming PLCs to setting Special I/O Units and getting networks started. Peripheral Devices such as Converters and Cables are also available

RFID Systems : RFID Systems enable non-contact reading and writing of data. Also called electronic tags, IC tags, ubiquitous ID systems, and RF tags, RFID Systems enable non-contact reading and writing of data.

Omron Motion drive

Machine Automation Controllers : The NJ-Series Machine Automation Controller is at the heart of the new Sysmac platform.

Inverters : OMRON Inverters provide for energy-efficient operation of facilities and machines with fine speed control. EtherCAT Communications with optional 

Servo Motors / Servo Drivers : Servo Motors and Servo Drivers are provided for the purpose of high-speed, high-precision control. Drives with built-in EtherCAT communications are available

Omron Smps

OMRON provides many types of general-purpose Power Supplies, such as the type mounted to DIN rail or the type built into equipment. OMRON also provides the S8VS which provides notification of replacement timing, and the Buffer Block that handles momentary power interruptions, and other highly reliable Power Supplies.

Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ) : Backup power supply equipment for protecting a device or system from problems with power supply caused by power failure or lightning. By introducing a UPS, you can solve problems with power supply that are likely to occur in manufacturing sites such as “voltage drop” and “power failure.”

Omron Robotics

Collaborative Robots : The robot system allows collaborative operation with humans without safety fences

Mobile Robots : Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs) assist with routine, labor intensive material handling tasks

Industrial Robots : Robot arms, robot controllers, and vision systems for flexible production lines.

Omron Industrial Solution

Automation Systems

Simple Machine Automation to Complex Process and Total Factory Automation Solutions. All under One Roof. Presenting a wide array of Simple to Advanced Automation products to cater to all your Automation Requirements.

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Sensing Solutions

From basic proximity sensors to high precision spot and profile sensors with 2µm accuracy we´re here to cover every sensing requirement of the industry. Leave your sensing worries to Intech for the most appropriate sensing solution.

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Process Weighing

Cost- effective and Reliable Customised Weighing Solutions & Stand-alone weighing Products for all your Static & Dynamic Weighing needs. Our product portfolio is approved by all the major Consultants, EPC and Public Limited Companies.

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Motion & Power Solutions

The One Stop Solution Provider for all your Motion, Power Control and Robotic Requirements. Presenting a Complete Range of Motors, Drives, Robots and Precision Motion Controllers and Total Power Quality.

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Control Components

Wide range of Indicators, Meters and Controllers ranging from basic function type to fully featured PID & Ramp Soak type. Intech is your one stop solution for all your Indication & Control needs.

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Switching & Accessories

With the Strongest lineup of Relays, Switches & Power Supplies in the Industry and a robust range of complimentary Panel Accessories; Intech can be your one stop solution for all your Panel Building needs.

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Safety, Vision and IDENT

A strong product portfolio and application strength in Safety, Vision, RFID, Barcode & Laser Marking enables us to be the most popular Safety, Laser Marking and Advanced Vision Solution provider in the market today. Leave all your Safety, Vision & Ident problems to us for the best solution.

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