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Motion & Power Solutions

The One Stop Solution Provider for all your Motion, Power Control and Robotic Requirements. Presenting a Complete Range of Motors, Drives, Robots and Precision Motion Controllers and Total Power Quality Solutions.

High Performance Servo

High Performance AC Servo Motors & Drives for High Speed Demanding Applications.

General Purpose VFDs

Reliable Variable Frequency Drives or Inverters with a proven Track Record for General Purpose VFD requirements

Motion Controllers

Best in the Business, Offering Class Leading Flexibility and Accuracy for Complex and Precision Motion Control

SCARA Robots

High Speed, High Precision, Class Leading 4 Axis SCARA Robots with integrated Servo & mechanical for space


Designed to work with both humans and machines, these robots are safe and transportable, with built-in vision

Articulated Robots

Smart & Flexible Light 6 Axis Articulated Robots, ideal for Machine Assembly & Material Handling Applicatiion

AGV & Mobile Transporters

Smart AGVs or Automatic Intelligent Vehicles with Self Mapping & Navigation both