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Sensing Solution

From basic proximity sensors to high precision spot and profile sensors with 2µm accuracy we´re here to cover every sensing requirement of the industry. Leave your sensing worries to Intech for the most appropriate solution.

Magnetic Reed Switches
High Quality, Reliable & Robust Magnetic Reed Switches from Inno in C, T Groove & Multi Cylinder
Inductive & Capacitive Proximity

Basic Cost Effective Non Contact Sensing with High Quality & Reliable Components.

Stainless Steel Proximity

The Widest Line-up of Unibody Stainless Steel Proximity Sensors for Clean Application

Specialty Proximity

A Unique and Wide Range of Proximity Sensors for Special Applications from Inno, Omron, Panasonic

Compact Photo Sensors

The Broadest line-up of Compact Photoelectric Sensors with IR and Red LED in Diffused, Retro Reflective

Cylindrical Photo Sensors

Short & Medium Body Length Photoelectric Sensors with M18 Mouting in Plastic, Metal Body

Miniature Photo Sensors

Ultra Compact, Slim, Sub-miniature Photoelectric Sensors with Built-in Amplifiers for Small Application

Photo-micro Sensors

Slot Type, Through Beam, Reflective, Limited/ Diffuse, Retro Reflective Photo Micro Sensors of the Highest Quality

Optical Fiber Sensors

A Vast Selection of High Quality Optical Fiber Cables, Amplifiers & Sensors. Inno, Omron, Panasonic

Laser Sensors

Long Distance Laser Sensors & Line Generators from Inno, Omron & Panasonic in Diffused, Retro Reflective

Color Mark Sensors

High-Reliability, Robust & Compact Photoelectric Sensors for Color Mark Detection Application in the Print

Bin Picking, Area Sensors & Scanners

Quick Acting multi-beam Curtain Sensors for Area Sensing and Bin Picking Applications 

Level Measurement Sensors

A wide range of High Reliability Contact & Non Contact Level Measurement & Ultrasonic Sensors

Displacement Sensor

High Precision Inductive, Touch & Laser Sensors from Inno, Omron & Panasonic for Precision Spot Sensing