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Safety Vision & IDENT

A strong product portfolio and application strength in Safety, Vision, RFID, Barcode & Laser Marking enables us to be the most popular Safety, Laser Marking and Advanced Vision Solution provider in the market today. Leave all your Safety, Vision & Ident problems to us for the best solution.

Single Beam Safety Sensors

Single Beam Safety Sensors from Omron & Panasonic for Small Areas and Complies with International Safety 

Type-IV Safety Light Curtains

Type 4 Safety Category 4 Light Curtains with SIL 3 for Critical Safety Applications with Finger, Arm & Hand protection

Safety Scanners

Meet the worlds most Compact Safety Laser Scanner from Omron. With 270A° Scanning, configurable Dual Warning & safety zones

Safety Mat, Edges & Bumpers

Easy to Install Safety Mats, Edges & Bumpers with Advanced Features from Inno & Omron. 

Force Guided Relays & Safety Controllers

Highly Reliable, Industry Leading Force Guided Safety Relays and Safety Controllers from Omron & Panasonic to properly complete

Pull Cord & Belt Sway Switches

Offering a Complete Range of Rugged Cable Pull, Pull Cord Switches that Confirm to all the Industry Standards for safety

Safety Door Switches

The most Comprehensive Range of Safety Door Switches, Hinge Switches, Non Contact Door Switches from Omron, Panasonic and autonics.

Safety Limit Switches

Rugged & Reliable Safety Limit, Emergency & Switches designed to be compliant to all Industrial Safety Standards. Omron & Honeywell give us best switches

Barcode Scanners & Verifiers

1D, 2D, DPM Barcode Readers, Scanners & Barcode Quality Verification Systems in Handheld, Handsfree, Fixed etc

Laser Makers

A Comprehensive lineup of FAYb Fiber and CO2 Laser markers to suit any marking application. Experience better Maarking clarity & reduced operation cost.

Safety Remote I/O Slices

Safety can be achieved over a Distributed System at the Local Nodes without relying on the Main CPU 

RFID Systems

Hi Band Compact General Purpose & Industrial, Medium & Long Range RFID systems with a wide range of Active tags , passive labels , fixed

Compact Vision Cameras
Offerring Advanced Compact Vision Cameras from Omron, Panasonic & Autonics. A Compact, Integrated, Smart
Advanced Vision Systems

Industry's Fastest Packaged Machine Vision Systems & PC Based Vision Systems from Omron. Best-in Class Image