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Position Sensors

Position sensor – a mechatronic device that converts mechanical motion into an electrical signal. The signal can be used in a motion control system to enable precise positioning of a moving machine component. Novotechnik is a leading manufacturer of industrial linear position sensors. There are several categories of these sensors including Touchless, Rod-Type, In-Cylinder, Side-Actuated and others

Touchless Linear Position Sensors

This type of sensor utilizes either a free-floating magnet attached to an application's moving part that the user needs the position of. 

Rod Type Position Sensors

Novotechnik manufactures a wide range of rod-Type position sensors from 0 to 10 mm stroke lengths to 0 to 750 mm stroke lengths.


This type of sensor is used for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Novotechnik in-Cylinder sensors use magnetostrictive technology 

Side-Actuated Linear Position Sensors

Two types of side-Actuated position sensors are available from Novotechnik. The TP1 Series uses touchless magnetic technology.