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TSI VRP Static Voltage

TSi Power offers a full range of PWM Static Voltage Regulators with Precision (VRP), based on  IGBT with PWM continuous seamless correction of voltage, surges, spikes, sags & brown-outs. They are compact, light-weight, tightly regulating AVR’s that respond instantly with a wide input voltage range but without switching the active power path.

TSI Isolation Auto Transformer

TSi Power’s ILc Series line conditioners provide the best all-round power conditioning and surge protection for sensitive electronic equipment. The integral isolation transformer provides 100% isolation from the input ac line. The secondary neutral-to-ground bond eliminates all surge voltages between neutral and ground. Surge protection and noise filtering are superior to conventional surge protection/filtering devices.

TSI Regulator

GS Marketing Services Offers an extensive range of rotary position sensors, non-contact rotary sensors and hall effect rotary sensors which offer angle measurements from 10° to 360°.

We use rotary hall effect sensor, inductive and potentiometric technologies, packaged in compact or rugged housings, with environmental protection to IP68 and IP69K.